About Us

MDI Products was created by a chemist after years of trying to keep the wet grass from sticking on his own mower deck. He tried all the usual tactics with short lived results. One was a well know vegetable oil spray, one was made from animal oil, the other was a well known penetrating oil spray, not exactly what he wanted to put on our mower or lawns! They of course did not work. MO-DECK was the answer. A polymer sprays that adheres to the deck. Now clean up is a breeze, mower decks are clean and there aren't clumps of grass on the lawn, Baggers fill better and snow flies out of snowblower chutes and glides off plows and shovels! After such great results he made changes to the formula to solve other sticking problems. Now after 23 years on the market and many large equipment manufacturers endorsements MDI Products are found all our the world.

Best of all we are 100% MADE IN THE USA!


Celebrating our 23rd year!

MDI is the largest supplier of NON-STICK products for TURF and SNOW in the WORLD!