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No one knows commercial mowers better than us... except YOU.  Over the years, we have refined our products for you, 
the landscape professional.  We have tested most major brands of lawn mowers in the morning dew, in the rain and in the spring when all grass is wet and heavy.  
MO-DECK reduces the buildup of grass under the mowing deck so there is little or no scraping.  The mower without MO-DECK had to be driven up the trailer ramp, over hung and scraped down.  What a pain with the newer Z-Turn mowers.  We successfully tested it on Bobcat®, Dixie Chopper®, Exmark®, Ferrirs®, Grasshopper®, Hustler®, Ransomes®, Scag®, Toro®, Walker®, and Yazoo®.  Test your mower today.
MO-DECK was invented by a chemist who became frustrated with wet grass sticking to his mower deck and clumping and clogging his grass catcher chute.  After many attempts he developed a polymer blend that worked great, was easy to apply and sprays clear.  Great for tools too!

   Simple to apply, shake and spray, convenient for larger deck areas
   Ready to use in less than 30 minutes after spraying
   Engineered with modern polymer technology
   Creates a slick, non-stick surface, ideal for build-up areas
   Reduces mechanical wear and can extend operating life of products
   Will not attract or hold dirt or dust
   Molecularity bonds to metal or plastic surfaces
   Saves time and money
   Proudly made in the USA, in use for over 25 years!

Grass Collection Systems and Grass Catchers
As grass collection systems get away from pony motors, it is truly the right time to use MO-DECK.  All collection systems clog at the boot and then in the hose.  THEY ALL DO!  Our testers found that MO-DECK, when sprayed into the blower housing and chute every day, saved more time by reducing the clogs associated with ALL collection systems.  See for yourself!  Systems tested: Bobcat, Blue Bird, Exmark, Grasshopper, Hustler, Scag, Toro, Trac-Vac, Turf Specialies, Walker.  This is an easy one: Lift off catchers, Dump and Go catchers or ANY metal catcher needs MO-DECK.  There is nothing worse than carting around wet, stuck grass in your catcher.  Why bust your back?  Spray MO-DECK inside the catcher and stop doing twice the work!

Residential and Mulching Mowers
From 21" push mowers to 48" lawn tractors to 72" farm tractor decks, it's all the same.  Grass build up -- clumps on your lawn.  Sick of scraping?  Spray MO-DECK on and away you go.  We receive more e-mails from happy home owners than we can read.  We get calls from customers who bought MO-DECK ten years ago and still use it faithfully every year!  Protect your investment, treat it with MO-DECK.  Mulching mowers make MO-DECK shine!  They need to cut the grass more than once and they can't do it when the grass is sticking to the top of the deck!  Spray MO-DECK on the deck and blade and see the difference yourself.

Quick Story: My neighbor had a mulching mower and I noticed when she mowed it left big clumps of grass behind her (I almost forgot, she was 78 years old!).  I sprayed MO-DECK on her deck (three coats, 10 minutes drying in between) and she never had that clumping again.  When we tripped up her deck it was very clean and any leftover grass washed off in seconds with a garden hose.  Own a mulcher?  Better get MO-DECK!
Reel Mowers and More
Are you cutting golf greens, cutting a fairway or using any reel mower?  Keep the clippings flying with MO-DECK.  Nothing worse than old dried-on grass from the mowing before.  With MO-DECK grass comes off in seconds.  Wash it BEFORE you put it away with water on air and MO-DECK will reduce the clipping that would normally stick on your mower. Features • • Easy to Use • Just Shake and Spray • Sprays Clear - Stays Clear • Safe on Metal or Plastic • Use on Mower Decks, Grass Catchers • 100% MADE IN THE USA!